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Why aluminium die casting parts are becoming more and more common in life?

Aluminium die-casting products are many, and we often see them in our daily lives. Running on the road in the constant flow of cars, street lamps, and pedestrians holding a mobile phone are aluminium die-casting products.

Aluminium has good mobility and plasticity, and is widely used in the die-casting industry, aluminium parts beautiful appearance, the aluminium price is not high, and the production cost is greatly reduced, for enterprises to create more wealth.

Die-casting design should try to avoid machining, machining will destroy the dense layer on the surface of the parts, affecting the mechanical properties of the parts; Will make the die-casting internal air holes exposed, affecting the surface quality, but also increase the cost of parts. Die casting can't avoid machining, one should try to avoid the design of large cutting amounts, and structural design as much as possible to facilitate the machine or reduce the machine area, to reduce the cost of the machine.

Die casting on the part of the dimensional accuracy requirements are high, or some plane surface roughness requirements are high, die casting process is difficult to meet the requirements, this time it is necessary to carry out the subsequent processing, this part of the structure, the design should try to reserve machining allowance. Die casting surface strength, hardness than the internal high, machining should pay attention to retain the surface of the densification, so the machining allowance can not be excessive allowance, machine plus too much is likely to produce porosity and external surface defects.

Aluminium die-casting aluminium as well as aluminium materials can reduce human resources, more in line with green environmental protection requirements. The important thing is that its fluidity can meet the various requirements of everyone, manufacturing a variety of finished products of the mould, so it is also one of the current market is quite popular choice.